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Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley

I'm a passionate about training gundogs.


I've trained gundogs for more than I care to remember, in that time I've owned and train retrievers, spaniels and HPRs. I currently compete with HPRs and I still own and train retrievers and spaniels. After lockdown I needed a new challenge so I starting judging HPR Field Trials after many years of competing myself, I've also trained many other people to compete in Field Trials. I enjoying sharing my knowledge and watching my trainees grow in confidence and ability with their dogs.

Message me on my contact page and also take a look at our training page

FTCH Flash
Emma Carter

Training gundogs is not just a job, it's a way of life.


Buying one German Shorthaired Pointer changed the course of my life, I went from pet dog owner to a multi award winning Field Trialer including a FTCH (Field Trial Champion)My passion is gundogs especially HPRs (Hunt, Point Retrieve dogs), I'm known predominantly for competing in HPR field trials, where I am a multi award winner including a FTCH (Field Trial Champion), I also have competed for the England Team at the Home International at the Game Fair.

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