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Training Ground

at Warrenby Gundogs

Welcome to our dedicated Training Ground. Our training ground is purposefully designed for gundog training. Our training ground offers a diverse range of features, meticulously created to cater to all aspects of gundog training.

We can offer superb water-based training, using our lakes, ponds, and rivers, to provide ample opportunities for water-based exercises and scenarios. Dogs can develop their swimming skills, retrieve from on and overwater, navigate variety of aquatic and land challenges.

For land-based training, we have a dedicated field thoughtfully equipped with jumps, enabling dogs to practice their agility and precision. Fields with game crops and wooded areas are available, allowing dogs to hone their hunting and retrieving abilities. Every year, we release pheasants and partridges, enhancing training scenarios and simulating a real-life hunting experience.

To further optimise training conditions, our training ground features a fully lit indoor training area. This controlled environment offers comfort and focus during training sessions, ensuring dogs and handlers can work together seamlessly.

At our training ground, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and exceptional gundog training experience. Each element has been carefully designed to cater to the specific needs of gundogs and their handlers, creating an environment conducive to growth, skill development, and success in the field.

We also have a purpose-built tea room where you can sit and chat about dogs and training over a cup of tea.

We are based in East Sussex

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Our training ground

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 Water training 

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 Game crop 

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 Indoor training 

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 Wooded areas 

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Tea room

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 Puppy pond 

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